We are living a technological advance that has taken great steps in the last years in different areas. As never before, sports technologies have been influenced by the latest technological trends, which have been incorporated to improve athletes’ performance and competence, being at their service in all their innovative ways and materials, like hydrodynamic swimsuits in pools, light bikes made of carbon fiber, golf rackets, baseball bats, shoes, balls, shirts, instant replay cameras, etc., that also help overcome our body’s limits.

The massive presence of new technologies in the sports world serves to make it more spectacular and safer, becoming a supplement for the athlete and influencing their results. In some cases, this helps make sports safer, controlling and protecting athletes from accidents, so that reducing the number of mistakes and injuries in the prescription of physical activities and training intensities —both for children, young people and adults— becomes the main objective in the use of technology.

New sports technologies

Tennis racket with a ball
The use of the hawk eye in tennis has produced a high improvement in the quality of this sport.

Technology is used by many people among the sports world as a qualifying tool to detect injustices or penalties and mistakes that are not easily detected. Sports like tennis relay on the “hawk-eye” that help determine if the ball fell in or out of the field, in order to avoid misunderstandings and lend credibility to the game. In the last 50 years, wooden rackets were replaced by metal rackets and then by carbon fiber rackets. Nowadays, there are types of rackets that are connected to computers with sensors that detect the strings vibration and movements, helping the tennis player to give the fan a more colorful and interesting game.

New technologies have been applied in cycling as well, in order to obtain better results with little efforts, as it is the case of much lighter and more resistant bikes, which allow the athlete to give a better performance.

Modern technologies in soccer

Science plays an important role, going hand my hand with athletes to help them get better results; there are sports in which even technology applied to clothing marks a difference. That is the case of modern soccer, in which a real technological revolution has emerged that not only focuses on the field in slow motion, but goes further as far as training methods to all the necessary equipment to do sports.

Pie pateando un balón de fútbol hacia un arco
Soccer is one of the sports with the biggest audience all over the world, which is why implementing new technologies in this sport is vital.

The technological development in soccer has influenced everything: goalkeepers’ gloves are more and more advanced, much lighter and breathable shirts, gyms and specialized mechanisms for training, tactical boots —new and more advanced proposals—, creating a shoe that detects performance data from the computer through a small chip inserted in shoe sole.

The electronic ball, a sensor suspended inside the ball that measures the magnetic fields as soon as the ball comes into contact with them and transmits data on the location of the ball to the receivers placed behind the goal, which in turn transmit the data to a central computer and this determines if the ball has crossed the finish line. If so, a radio signal is transmitted to the referee’s clock in a fraction of a second.

Influence of new sports technologies

Vista en contrapicada de la llanta d euna bicicleta a contraluz
The technological advance affects all sports, and cyclism is one of the main ones.

With all these new sports technologies, we realize that its influence has prevailed within them and had led to a real revolution in shape and content. The competition that has been created in this environment has led day by day to make excessive use of technology, losing the simplicity of games, becoming a great business in which circulates a lot of money.

And, like in every other business in which circulates so much money, technology takes place, assuming great importance. Thanks to its economic and technological aspects events are safer and more spectacular. Everything must be calculated, designed and scientifically perfected, since they increase the spectacle in a clear and much more impactful way.




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